Founded in the year 2008 by entrepreneur Sri S Narendra with a vision to manufacture high quality Glazed Stoneware pipes. The company is registered with the registrar of Firms which shows legal credibility of the company. The company has well experienced management and skilled technicians. Today, across the south India Sri Ceramics Is the brand name which is highly recommended by the Government officials who has entrusted there trust of products. Due to our high quality & durability pipes

The company holds a valid licence from  isithe Bureau of Indian Standards to use the Standard Mark of ISI in respect of the stoneware pipes. This entrusts our pipes to maintain the brand value and quality of the products

Advantages of SWG Pipes:

✓ Over 100 years of proven performance.
✓ Resistant to internal and external effects of solvents, acids, gases, etc.
✓ Clay material & design create natural load bearing capacity.
✓ Ensures a leak proof connection and excellent flow line.
✓ Handling & installation is quiet easy and many more…

Our Manufacturing

Green Pipes Production

 Crushing Strenght Testing

 Firing Upto 1200 Deg C

 Hydraulic Presure Testing

 Cooling of Kiln

Quality Control Equipment

 Sorting of Pipes

 Ready For Third party Inspection

Our Products

The following tests have been selected and recommended by bureau of Indian standards to stand the pipe in all weather and soil conditions as stipulated in Indian standards IS:651 2007 for ISI marked pipes and are followed by us

Our Clients