sS Narendra a new generation entrepreneur having interest in Infrastructures and manufacturing has masters Degree From Victoria University Australia. He has an experience of over 16 years in Infrastructure management and Manufacturing.

Our Mission

Way back in 2004 I have vision to shape in the form of Sri Ceramics a fully integrated Manufacturing Enterprise with core expertise in Sewerage Management.

Talent is the most significant element of any company. Hence, we identify, recruit, train and retain the best available manufacturing techniques in the industry. Nurturing and encouraging innate talents and regular training programmed ensure that we operate at our best on a daily basis.

Quality is the key driver that influences the functionality of Sri Ceramics that evokes true customer delight. Sri Ceramics functionality is built around the concept of delivering a promise within the stipulated time and cost. Today, I am happy to see that the organization has made rapid strides in evolving as a brand that brings joy to its external and internal stakeholders.